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Protect your furry (and nonfurry) family members with pet insurance!

Having spent 9 years as a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, I've had my fair share of painful financial conversations with pet parents. When that conversation is happening just before or after treatment, it is many times a grim outcome. If we can educate on the importance of #petinsurance we can change one pocket book, and then another, and then hopefully many more.

Before we continue, this information is my opinion and I am not an expert on pet insurance. It ultimately is up to the pet parent to do research on the policy that works for your family's needs.

This is intended to be a resource to guide you on where to start looking.

Go to and you can price shop lots of companies with 1 click after entering pet info. (Like But cheaper doesn’t mean better! Look for deductibles you can afford, annual maximum, and percentages they will reimburse.

I recommend illness/accident instead of wellness since wellness you can plan and budget for. Keep in mind too there is a waiting period before effective date.

My personal favorites include Pumpkin (my choice for my pets), Trupanion, and Nationwide, but there are many other options. Nationwide is the first to offer exotic pet insurance plans!

If you are a business owner or manager, consider offering your employees pet insurance as a benefit. Because #allpetsarefamily.

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