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Welcome to #LeashEtiquette!

Living the life of my dreams only happened because I never gave up. Navigating multiple sclerosis while leaving a previous abusive marriage and toxic workplaces have tested my grit. Staying true to my core values (happiness, balance, and reflection) has guided me through the tough times. Each time I listen to my heart it has led to great things.

I live with my wonderful husband, Timmy, and our 2 Labrador retrievers, Bubbles and Sally. Sally is Bubble's biological grandma and they are the best of friends. We also have a bearded dragon, Lanky, and a 120-gallon cichild aquarium. If all goes well tonight (12/30/23), we will welcome an orange and white kitty named Butterscotch to our family. 

I am a proud animal advocate and created this nonprofit to empower pet parents to do the same. Leash etiquette is at the core of Petiquette, in which we raise awareness that not all dogs like to say hello and that's okay! This is achieved through yard signs, fliers, community education, and especially word of mouth. When we use our voices to stand up for those who can't, we have the power to change the world. Animals DO speak, we just need to learn to listen.

I work remotely for my dream company, Fear Free Pets. 


If you are a pet parent looking for more resources on all things pets, check out Fear Free Happy Homes.

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